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The best and free online courses, certifications and degrees for 2019!!

It is high time that parents and guardians of young students to get used to the fact and reality of the situation that online education is the way forward and that the certification that one gets from online courses are, in fact, contrary to their belief very relevant to say the least.

And as far as the students go, they should be aware of the fact that they must check the website’s buy online class review section of the website that they have chosen for their online course in order to verify its authenticity.

In this blog, we are going to see which are the top online courses and certifications, according to eLearning experts from around the world, that students should go for, especially in the year 2019.

So, given below is a discussion on the best and free online courses in 2019:

  1. LinkedIn Learning ( – One of the best providers of free online courses

If you are looking for a website that provides online courses and , in fact, has a wide range of courses available, then you should definitely take a look at the courses offered for free only on LinkedIn Learning (

Don’t want to believe what you are reading? Then just have a quick glance at the website’s take my online class now review section. You will get an idea about the efficiency with which they provide their online classes.

From you can learn about the latest technologies that are in demand. Not only that, but you will also get courses on management and creative skills, that also from some of the best professionals from the industry.

This will help you to not only get a degree but will also add value to your work, which in turn, will help you to grow in your career.

There are many people who know LinkedIn Learning as the erstwhile This is primarily because of the fact that this website had become extremely popular amongst eLearning enthusiasts all around the globe.

It was only after Lynda was taken over by LinkedIn that it came to be known as LinkedIn Learning.

Some of the key USPs of the website:

  • Countless number of courses on different disciplines like business, data science, and many more.
  • All the courses are free, although, the first month is a trial period.
  • Highly skilled and qualified instructors who are responsible for creating these courses.
  • Free of cost certification courses only on edX

This is probably the best place to be if you want to hone your skills in online learning, as the site has an impressive range of colleges like MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard on their panel.

Here is a list of some of the free online certification courses and training programs available here:

  • Project Management
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Preparation courses for TOEFL

Plus, you can also get some of the best business and online certifications and free online IT training as well.

  • More than 1000 certificate courses for free at Coursera

Not many people might know this, but the truth of the matter is that nearly all courses and programs on Coursera are available for free, albeit for a small period of time.

But the good news is that you can choose a course of your liking and enroll for it for free, and evaluate by yourself.

And if you like to continue with the course then you are more than welcome to pay for the course and continue further or you can continue the course for free while it lasts.

Impressive right?

Moreover, you can also find free online training courses, free business certifications, and free IT certification as well.

  • Free Online Certifications from Udemy and more than 90,000 courses

When it comes to providing some of the best online courses in the whole world, then one would be remiss in not mentioning the name of Udemy, a website that is also known for having the best tutors (online).

And it is also worth mentioning that these tutors have not only worked on a particular domain for many years, but they have also have experience of teaching students both in colleges around the world and online as well.

These tutors are also responsible for designing the courses which are highly rated, excellently curated, and also updated from time to time.

All of these aforementioned aspects have made Udemy a hot favorite amongst those who prefer online education over traditional education.

Moreover, if you do not believe what you are reading, then you are more than welcome to check their take my online class review section so that you can get an idea about what people have to say about the type of service that they provide.  

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Udemy in a nutshell:

  • More than 90,000 courses.
  • Specialization in courses for many domains.
  • Lectures can be a minimum of 1 hour and to a maximum of 20 hours depending on the course that you have chosen.
  • The instructors have a unique way of teaching which is interesting and engaging at the same time.
  • Majority of the courses are available for free and those ones that are not available for free are offered at extremely low prices.
  • Skillshare – One of the best website to get free online training

WOW is the only word that can describe this website!! This site not only provides quality assistance online but it does so for more than 17,000 courses and also offers lessons for a wide range of subjects including:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Writing
  • Crafts; and many more

And whether you believe it or not, but all these courses are offered by the website for absolutely no cost at all.

What’s more, they give access to each and every one of its online training absolutely free for 2 consecutive months. Therefore, if you have read this blog till now, you probably have got the idea which website to go for when you are searching for the best online courses, certifications, and training. 

Free online courses from the best websites in 2019
It is high time that parents and guardians of young students to get used to the fact and reality of the situation that online education is the way forward
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