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How is it going guys, this is Marvin over here, and today I am going to share my views on a website called But first, let me introduce myself properly – I am a regular guy who enjoys doing and solving mathematical problems from a very young age. And the credit for this goes largely to my dad, who always encouraged and mentored me throughout my school days. And, believe it or not despite being a student and especially good at math, I was also a star athlete on the soccer field as well. I represented my school on multiple occasions, and not to boast, I played a crucial part in bringing home many awards and recognition for my school. Coming back to academics, it was only a matter of time before I was going to be selected by an Ivy League college. So, when the news reached my home that I was going to Harvard, neither my parents nor my relatives or even my friends for that matter were hardly surprised.

As far as I was concerned I was over the moon at the prospect of getting the opportunity to study at one of the most respected institutions in the world. So, I started to pack my bags, and two weeks went by like it was two days. I still remember the expression of absolute delight on my mom’s and dad’s faces, and even more so I remember the proud yet wet eyes of my mom. The moment came when I finally reached the campus, and was in awe of the grandeur that surrounded the campus.
I hurriedly went to my dormitory, and started to unpack, when all of a sudden I saw a figure entering the same as mine. It was none other than Adam, the closest of my school friends, and I as well as he was delighted to see each other. However, he had chosen History, a completely different department, and justifyingly so, as during our school days everyone used to call him a ‘junkie about the past’. I also felt more at ease after seeing the face of Adam, as now I had someone I could have a chat with after a whole day of work. The reason I mentioned ‘work’ is because other than my soccer practice and classes, I also took up a part-time job in order to pay off my tuition fees, and also help clear up the loan that my dad had taken. The schedule seemed to be manageable at first, but as the days went by the weariness of it all started taking its toll on my health.
There were days when my body would just give up and despite continuous heckling by Adam I just could not go to my classes. I started feeling that I was falling behind my peers in certain aspects, and I was also having a hard time grasping some of the topics. However, the real pressure came when we were assigned with projects, and it was my bad luck that my topic was one that on a topic that I was having difficulty with – advanced calculus. Seeing no way out of my predicament, I decided to tell about my problems to Adam. Without even listening to the whole story, he promptly replied that I should take the help of online classes. Seeing his confidence, I quickly turned on my laptop and started looking for any such website when I suddenly stumbled upon this site called

I quickly went through their review section and saw that people had mixed reactions about the site. But seeing no other option I enrolled for their services, trusting that they would deliver as they had promised on their website. But, within a short period of time I came to realize why people were having mixed reactions about the site. Let me share a couple of instances with you! Firstly, they had promised that they provided quick solutions to the toughest of problems. But when I posted my first sum on their portal I got a reply after 4 days, and that also the solution was presented in such a way that I could not fully comprehend it. Secondly, they had promised that they would deliver any assignment much before the deadline, but I got mine 2 days after the deadline, a reason for which I lost crucial marks.

Thirdly, their promise to provide services at an affordable rate turned out to be false as well, as I had to spend much of my savings from the part-time job that I was doing behind the first subscription. The only satisfactory aspect turned out to be their customer care department, and even the personnel over there were not available all the time. So, overall if you ask me whether I am satisfied with their service then my answer would be no.

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Do not avail their services, as they simply don’t live up to their promises!!


Not going to recommend it to my friends, as the services provided by you people are nothing more than a scam!!


No professionalism, no courtesy, zero punctuality….looks like you guys are way in over your head!!


Simple registration process and a responsive customer care department, along with superior quality of service!! Keep up the hard work guys!!


If you want help with your online class then don’t go for this website as they say one thing and deliver something else!!


This is probably the worst website that provides online assistance!!


This website is probably the worst when it comes to providing online class help !! The lecture are very hard to grasp !!