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Hello guys, I am Shaun Bakker , and I am a Mathematics enthusiast and my obsession with mathematics began from my early school days. It was for this reason that I had decided to choose the subject for my higher education. Luckily due to my excellent performance in high school I got the chance to study at one of the Ivy League colleges. I was very excited to study in one of the top universities in the world, but little did I know that I still had to do part-time jobs to cover my fees despite the fact that I had a scholarship. I was doing quite alright during the first few months, juggling my part-time job with my studies. However, I started feeling that I was lagging behind my peers in class as the months passed by. I hardly got a good night’s sleep as I had to prepare my homework and assignments, and keep practicing for the semester examinations at the same time. It was during this time that I was able to fully realize the harm that I was doing to myself, as I had to learn most of the topics myself and also take care of the projects myself without the help of my professors because I could hardly attend classes. But I also realized that I could not lose my job because I had to pay for my college and tuition fees. Desperately needing help, I had a chat with one of my fellow classmate whose name was Nick.

We were both very close friends since early school days, although our areas of interest were different. Long story short, I could depend on his advice as he could depend on mine. Sipping from his coffee mug he listened closely to my dilemma, and after a moment’s pause he told me something that would change my college life forever. Yes, it was Nick who told me about, a website that provides online classes to students who could not mange to attend classes on a regular basis. I must confess that I was a little apprehensive at first to use website service for my studies for the simple reason that I had not done so before in my life. But, seeing no other viable option, I decided to conduct some research of my own about the website, going their review section and read what other students had to say about the website.
Although there were many negative reviews concerning the services provided by them, but there were many good reviews as well, especially when it came down to the tutors that this website hired. I was impressed enough with what I found as a result of my research and decided to move ahead by enrolling myself for their paid services. However, I quickly found out that despite the entire nominal pricing model that the website promised the final price of the packages went beyond what thought to be reasonable.

The reason for this is that the portal charged extra when helping with your projects, and the price went up quite a few notches when you demanded a rework. It was then that I thought to myself – “Well that’s a bummer!”. But I went ahead with it anyways, as my exams were literally knocking on the door. But it needs to be said that the tutors that this website hire are really specialists at what they do. They will take your online classes whenever you feel like taking one and will also help you out with your day-to-day queries regarding difficult topics like advanced calculus and others.
At the same time, it also needs to be mentioned that their services does in fact become slow at times, and I have received replies from them regarding a sum after two days which really made me start doubting whether or not I should continue with their services. But then I realized that problem lied in the fact that there were not enough tutors to cater to the needs of so many students from so many different countries where they provided their services. And, moreover, when they do promote themselves as assistance providers for assignments and homework, as well as dissertation, then they should have hired more people. After all, how on earth is it possible to provide so much of assistance with such little manpower?

I think this is somethingthat should consider rectifying. Also another aspect that I found disappointing was the fact that they charge extra for reworks, something that was not mentioned on their online advertisement. We know how hard it can be to stay focussed during a long online class. So here are 10 strategies you can use to make sure your mind doesn’t drift!

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I can’t remember a single case where they delivered solution to my problems in time…disappointed to say the least!!


Even the customer care department is not efficient enough!! Feeling duped!!


The delivery is never on-time!! Hugely disappointed with the service!!


Guys don’t take the help of this website !! It is a spam site and moreover the quality is of the lowest standard !!