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Are you an aspiring mathematician? Do you like going to classes regularly and yet find it difficult to attend classes daily? Then you should consider the step taken by thousands of students and enroll yourself in one of the fastest growing online educational portal called It is a portal that is of special appeal to the youngsters who find it difficult to attend classes on a daily basis, and also for those who have plenty of doubts and queries about the subject. They also help out students with their homework and assignments. Not only that, it also helps students to by providing them with customized essay writing services.

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Hello, fellow students and math enthusiasts, this is Julius here. I am a second year graduation student of mathematics at Princeton University. My association with the subject began when I was just a toddler and had only learned how to talk. Since then my dad took it upon himself to teach the building blocks of the subject like addition and subtraction in pictorial form. Since then I had formed a close relationship with the subject and that love has not diminished a bit till this day. Now let me take this opportunity to say something about my school life!
 I was always a good student throughout my school years and was a frequent candidate for straight ‘A’s in classes. Moreover, I used to be the highest scorer in math more often than not. Add to that, I was also a huge football fan (still am!) and was one of the star performers for my school in various tournaments. And, it was because of this sport that I got to meet by best friend Alex, who also was himself a star student, excelling in virtually every subject, but especially in English. He is still my friend, and as luck would have it he also got the opportunity to study at Princeton – one of the premier institutes of the world.
This guy has always been a big admirer of mine and I respected him as my own elder brother, as he was a bit senior to me. By now you must have understood or at least got an idea of my background. Therefore, it should not come as a shock to you when I say that neither my parents, nor any of my friends were surprised when the news finally came that I was going to Princeton. But there were butterflies in my stomach, as I was really upbeat about the fact that I was going to get the opportunity to hone my skill at one of the most respected universities in the whole world. Frankly, speaking I was not able to sleep properly for the next three weeks or so since the news broke out. I was very much excited, and used to daydream about how college life was going to be. In a nutshell, I could not wait for the classes to start.
And so three weeks went by in a flash, and before I could gather myself I had to rush to pack my bags, with which my mom lent me a hand, albeit on a proud but emotional mood. Dad drove me to the campus and obviously mom with us as well, and I still vividly remember the moment when I saw the sheer pride in their eyes. It still acts as a powerful motivation for me whenever I feel down and out. So, finally my classes started, and from an early stage I was recognized by my faculty as a stand-out student. Plus, I was a star athlete as well. So, I was able to carve out a niche for myself.
However, all of that was about to change fast, as after the first 4 or 5 months, I started to become irregular as I was doing a part-time job to cover my tuition fees, and also was extremely busy with my other love – football. I hardly had the time to focus on my studies as I hardly went to classes anymore. I had a gut-feeling that something was not right, as my grades had started to fall. I decided to take some action and I called up Alex. After hearing my predicament, he promptly replied that I should use the services provided by various online portals. I did exactly that, and in the process I went through the review section of many sites. However, there was one site that I thought was going to live up to the expectation.
The name of that site was, and its review section had comments from literally thousands of people. Having no other option in site, I decided to enroll myself and take their services. But, again, as luck would have it, the site started to show its real color within a matter of weeks. It started with them replying to my questions at their own merry time, and they did not even take my queries seriously as I received their answer after 1 or 2 days. Similarly, contrary to their promise, their service had a steep price which was impossible for many students to afford. The only department that did its job properly was the customer care department, but even they were a bit cranky at times.

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  1. Louie Mccarthy

    Their services are anything but affordable!! Please do not mislead your customers!!

  2. Max Thomson

    I was really hoping that you guys would help me out within the time-frame I gave you!! Really disappointed guys!!

  3. David Berry

    The explanation given by the tutors are very difficult to understand…but the ads say you hire PhDs!! Come on guys, at least be professional!!


    If you want help with your online class then don’t go for this website as they say one thing and deliver something else!!


    This is probably the worst website that provides online assistance!!


    Taking the service of this website was probably the worst decision I ever made !! Not only are their prices high but the services are of extremely low quality !!

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