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If you are looking for a website that help you out with your assignments and also take your online class, then you no longer need to search further because there is a website called takemyonlineclass.com that has been delivering quality online class service. So, if you are looking for help with your classes and in dire need of online assistance, then make it a point to check out this particular site


About Takemyonlineclass.com

  • Website – Takemyonlineclass.com
  • Headquarter – USA
  • Established in – 2013
  • Serving country – USA
  • Services – Online class help, assignment help, assessment help
  • Pricing – Starts at 20$
  • Size – More than 1000 writers
  • Payment option – MasterCard, PayPal, Visa
  • Discount – Yes
  • Refund Policy – Yes

Hello friends, this is jennette W., and I am a student of mathematics at one of the premier institutes of the world – Princeton University. My fascination with the subject began much before I had even joined school, when my father used to teach me the fundamentals of maths like addition and subtraction. From that age onwards, thanks mainly to my father, himself a professor at another Ivy League college, I was completely captivated with numbers. So, it was quite natural for me to choose mathematics for my higher education at Princeton. What really made me feel good was the pride that I saw on father’s and mother’s eyes when they heard the news that I was going to study there. But there was a glitch! Although I had a scholarship I had no option but to do part-time jobs at various small restaurants and food outlets, so that I could cover my tuition fees. So, that left me with very little time to focus on my studies and assignments.
There were even days when I could not go to class as I became tired after a whole night’s duty. This irregularity slowly became a regular incident, until I realized that I was far behind my peers and too much left when it came to completing my assignments. Things got even more complicated when I thought that I was in no position whatsoever to leave my part-time job, as I had to pay not only for my tuitions but also pay my rent. So, as per the norm, I turned towards one of my good friends, Albert, who although was senior to me, always treated me as a friend. When I told him about my conundrum, he thought for some time and then told me to look online for help. He also told me that there are sites which also provide online class help provided you are willing to spend some money. I felt a bit encouraged and came back to my place and started looking for a website that suited my needs. It was then that I stumbled upon this website called takemyonlineclass.com.
Their site promised what seemed to be authentic services and more importantly prompt service. Its advertisement said that they had more than 500 tutors who are available 24/7, ready for providing their services. All of this enticed me into believing that this was the website that I have been looking for. But in reality the scenario was much more complicated. From the very beginning itself I got the feeling that the “so-called experts” were not delivering what they had promised on their advertisements. Like, whenever I asked posted a sum on their site their reply came back after 3 days. But while I was going through their features it was clearly mentioned that the experts were more than capable of delivering solutions within a couple of hours. However, until then there were a couple of times where they really lived up to their promise. Another area where I felt like I was being duped was by their pricing model which although they claimed to be affordable for everyone turned out to be completely misleading. Not only are their services pricey, but it varied according to the duration for which I needed assistance with online class help for a certain topic like calculus.
 And it was especially difficult for me as I had to keep in mind the fact that I had to pay my rent as well. So, in short, it is definitely not a site you would want to take help from if you are looking for a cheap online class service. The only good thing that I found out about this website was its customer care team. It was the only area of operations that really lived up to the promises made by takemyonlineclass.com. They were available throughout the day and I got spontaneous response from them whenever I called or decided to have a chat with them online regarding their services. Therefore, no I was personally not satisfied with their services, and if anyone out there wants to know my opinion regarding the website.

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  1. Tomas David

    Why do you guys promise one thing and then deliver something else..it’s just not fair!!


    The problems I posted on their site never got answered!! Feel like being cheated!!


    If you are looking for assignments help services of a higher quality then please steer away from this website !! They change absurd amount and the standard is simply not up to the mark !!

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